Philosopher, Theologion, Ethicist, Existentialist thinker, defender of the Transpersonal paradigm, Zen/Tibetan Buddhist Roman Catholic, Educator, Jungian, Devils Advocate, Zapatista, ‘Apostolic Communist’, Anarcho-Communist, Democratic Socialist, Simpsonolgist.

Areas of interest: Ethics and Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language and language games, Logic, Philosophy of Religion, Quantum Mechanics, Comparitive Religious Studies, Psychoanalysis, Transpersonal Psychology, Myths, Spirits and Cults, Sharia Law, Mysticism, Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, Russian Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Eastern Catholicism, Zen Buddhist thought processes, Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, Russian Old-Ritualism, The Simpsons, Sport, Grand-Theory of Everything.

Most likely to say: If God does play with dice I’m not denying the dice may have been loaded.

Least likely to say: I was wrong all along.