My brain hurts after discovering RealCatholicTV’s youtube channel. It is run by Michael Voris, a prolific and pretty slick presenter. But, as you might guess from someone who commits the “no true scotsman” fallacy in the name of their channel, the guy is a loon. I was very recently talking to a Catholic family member and we were agreeing that people can’t go ordering people around, specifically on recreational drugs prohibition. (I managed to resist quoting Nietzsche’s Morality as Anti-Nature.) Michael Voris takes the opposite approach – and sounds not unlike an evangelical. Question to self: are the terms Catholic and evangelical really mutually exclusive? Anyway, here is a comedy gold clip of the immorality of liberalism. My favourite part is where he accuses the liberals of being in the “don’t judge [people] crowd” (at 1 min 58 sec). That’s amusing, considering Matthew 7:1-5 and Luke 6:37-42.

I guess mainstream Catholics would strongly disagree with this guy, but I hope they keep doing that. Otherwise we will be back to the inquisition and burning people at the stake (here’s the thin end of the wedge). Michael, about that plank in your eye…

Anti Citizen One

PS. Remember Blake’s Wheel of Fire?
PPS. Evolution is not mentioned, probably because the Vatican officially has no problem with it, but climate change is discussed.
PPPS. Oh man, Michael Voris is beyond words… so many bonkers videos.