I had to laugh. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled the UK police retaining DNA samples of people not convicted of a crime is a violation of human rights. Instead of saying “that is a victory for human rights”, the UK government disappointed and apparently has higher priorities than human rights (something about “crime detection”).

This highlights an interesting contradiction (or convenient deception) – are law makers above the law? or should they be? or can they be? If something is legally displeasing to them, they can simply legislate. (Of course, I am aware they occasionally ask to be re-elected but what we have is 1 day of democracy then 4 years of one party rule.) The recent arrest of Damien Green MP is a recent example of this. As Dominic Grieve MP asked: “Who is in charge of the police, if she [the home secretary] isn’t?”

I would imagine the home secretary would proclaim respect for the law as necessary and inherently good ideal. But then she ignores European human rights law! Or even more ironically, she claims the law can be abridged because it interferes with upholding other laws! If she can pick and choose which laws to obey, how is that not hypocritical? Should people who wilfully violate human rights (like the current home secretary) be punished as a law breaker?

This hypocritical attitude is actually necessary – strangely – because to establish new values, it is necessary to lie that these values are “true”.

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